No green thumb required.

I have a great knack for turning any plant or flower into brown twigs, in the most impressive way! Try as I might I just can’t keep my house plants alive or manage to cultivate a garden that isn’t weeds. Never mind trying to grow flowers to cut and bring into my house.

Then a good friend turned me onto Farm Fresh Flowers. I know what you’re thinking, cut flowers don’t last long and go out of season. Guess what, you’re wrong!!! These amazing cuts last for at least two weeks, and that’s from someone who turns all flowers brown just by looking at them. You can even get them year round because they’re grown in Columbia. Say hello to fresh flowers in the middle of winter!

I order fresh cut flowers right to my door on such a regular basis that I sometimes fear I’ll run out of vases. I just can get enough of these bountiful beauties, with a great mix of flowers and greenery that are nothing short of impressive.

Farm Fresh Flowers make a great gift, although I must admit I’m pretty selfish and like to keep these fancy flourishes all for myself. I could not be more impressed with the quality or diverse arrangements that Farm Fresh Flowers put together on a regular basis.


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