Sushi Rolle

Sushi Roller was presented as a way to make your own sushi rolls.  I have worked with the bamboo rollers for sushi and found them awkward this little machine looked like a possible easier alterative to hand rolling sushi with a bamboo roller.

Do not waste your time or money the roller is hard to assemble and does not make a tight uniform sushi roll to be blunt it is harder to operate than the bamboo roller it also takes more prep time because the piece (seaweed, vegetable and fish) need to be cut into smaller piece in order to be used in the machine.  The rolls come out smaller and not as well wrapped.

The directions that come with the sushi rolling machine are not directions at all but recipes so the user is up to their own devices on how to operate the roller.  The directions are printed so small that even a magnifying glass does not enlarge it enough to read easily.

Not recommended!


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