These Cloths are too Cute!!!

These cloths are nothing short of adorable, as if buying baby cloths could not be cute.

Carter’s strikes again, I went on their website to peruse and maybe buy my son one outfit for spring. Well jokes on me, three pairs of pajamas and an outfit later my son is decked out for the impending spring weather. Best part is I didn’t go over budget! Every time I buy cloths at Carter’s or Osh-Kosh I end up getting great deals! $9 footie pajamas, I mean come on, that’s a no brainer!

The Captain outfit is by far the cutest outfit I have ever bought! Who can resist a baby in chinos and stripes!! I thought the deals were good, well it gets better! With most of my Carter’s orders they send me a Shutterfly coupon so I can capture the moments that matter most and have them printed!

Just when I thought I couldn’t be more impressed they offer free shipping on some orders! Not only do I get great quality cloths for my son but I don’t even have to leave the house! Carter’s for the win!


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