Ahoy, a puppy pirate I be!

I ran to the door barking, jumping, spinning, and wagging my tail! I knew it was for me, I just knew it. Mom wasn’t answering the door quick enough so I ran over and hurried her along- I just had to know what the mailman brought me.

BARK BOX! Yes, I feel like I won the doggy lottery. Open it, open it now! A merman toy and a clam with pearls, more mom, open it faster! A hickory smoked blackstrap chew, Captain Cheddar’s gold nuggets and some Merpup Pearls!!! Get in my tummy. Mom look even a bandana, oh wow I’m one lucky pup! Wait till dad sees me with my new style and fancy toys, I hope he feeds me all the treats too!!!

I’m off to walk the plank into a real good time!



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