Life Time Geometric Dome

Life Time Geometric Dome is wonderful backyard amusement

Children ages 7, 5 and 2 love it. 7 year old said it is easy to climb and fun to find new ways to climb and swing from the bars. 5 year old said it was perfect took sometime to climb to the top. Falling from the dome is a lot safer than monkey bars because they are not high up. 2 years old did not climb but used it as a fort. As a mother I think it’s a great toy for all ages is sturdy and safe once assembled.   Life Time Geometrics Dome is strong enough to support a helping parent if needed.

Assembly definitely took some time and patients; two people and plenty of space are needed for this project. Tools are required for safe assembly.

Make sure this structure is in the shade the metal heats up fast in the sun. 


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