Honest Face Cream

I have always struggled with finding a face cream that works for my skin type. I sometimes have oily skin and sometimes very dry. Over the years, I have learned I need to hydrate more. The problem with hydrating more is finding a cream that lives up to that task. I have used many high end creams from spas as well as creams from local retailers. I have tried organic skincare lines as well as the ones full of chemicals. I have recently made the decision to go chemical free and lean toward a more natural way of life. I recently ordered Honest Beauty Younger Face Deep Hydration Cream.  Upon application, I can instantly feel the cream settling into my pores. What I enjoy is the glow I instantly see in the mirror, as well as the glow I continue to see throughout the day. My skin feels plump and full. I wish the cream came in a different dispenser though. The pump dispenser does not allow you to get all of the product out.  A simple twist top container may be a better idea. Also, it is on the smaller size. A small amount of the cream goes a long way; which helps with the smaller portion size of the container.

Overall, my skin is glowing and staying hydrating and that is what is most important to me!


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