Not your average beauty box!

I have been dying to try Birch Box! When it showed up in my mailbox yesterday you better believe that I dropped everything to open it up and try out the products!

Let’s just say I was not let down- Birch Box exceeded my expectations. I received the best sellers sample box with a liquid eyeliner, hair serum for smoothness, a silicone make up applicator, a complexion boosting moisturizer and an illuminating facial moisturizer.

After trying each one of the items in the box I can easily say that I’ll be buying full size versions of both facial moisturizers and the hair smoothing serum! It’s great that it’s all sample sizes because you can figure out what you like and if you don’t like some items it’s not super wasteful if you don’t use it. Although nothing in this box is going to waste, my eyeliner is as black as my heart, my face has the perfect highlight with the illuminating moisturizer, my hair is flawlessly smooth(even given this summer humidity), and my liquid foundation is so smooth and even. One box has seriously redefined my beauty expectations.


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