Puppy Party!

We added to our little family a not so little dog. Zora is a Great Dane puppy rescue and the cutest darn thing! We rescued her at 12 weeks old fully understanding that we were crazy bringing a puppy into our home with a very busy 1 year old and a very lazy senior mini poodle. Most of the time those crazy ideas are the most fun!

House training is a bit tricky but crate training was a piece of cake and totally made the house training easier. BestPet makes a great crate for big dogs. The tray that makes up the bottom is removable for easy washing, genius! There are two access doors, winning! It came with a sectional so that we can allow Zora more access to the crate as she grows. Best part, assembly took less than 2 minutes, I kid you not, it was sooo easy! BestPet ships super fast too, with no added fees. It came 5 days before we expected it! Q

The crate from BestPet was probably one of our smarter choices as she quickly grew out of the crate we used for our mini poodle haha. Zora loves her quite space, decked out with memory foam and her favorite bone.


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