Light up the Night

At no point in my life did I think I would have a favorite flashlight. My past flashlight experience has been going to the local hardware store picking up whatever flashlight I like the color of and loosing it right after I’m done using it.

I thought all flashlights were the same. FALSE! I could not have been more wrong. When my brother introduced me to Streamlight I sort of shrugged it off not really acknowledging that not all flashlights are be created equal.

Fast forward to when he handed me my first Streamlight flashlight and holey moley it literally lit up my world! It’s lightweight with a beam that’s wider than any other light I’ve used. The wideness of the beam really impressed me because walking at night in our suburban neighborhood I want to see a coyote or other animal before it sees me! I also really like that it’s rechargeable through a regular outlet or even in your car, makes buying batteries (and loosing batteries) a thing of the past.

Now at 29 years old I’m proudly saying words I never thought I’d say before, “I love my flashlight”!


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