Leaf Peeping

Adventures galore with the whole gang! With fall in full swing it’s the perfect season to check out all the foliage and gasp in amazement at Mother Nature.

Both dogs led the way as we had a leisurely stroll up our favorite hill. It was a 55degree afternoon in November, the sun was shining and there was a giggling one year old strapped to my back. What could possibly be better?

When we got to the top it was a little cloudy but still so nice. The look out tower had a great view of the city and offered up all those pretty fall colors.

By the time we got back down both dogs were exhausted, finally! My giggling one year old son who happily ride rode on my back was still laughing at anyone and anything. It was amazing!

On our way home we fueled up at our local Exxon Mobile station so that we would be ready for the next adventure.


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