Cinderella is a Robot

Cleanliness is next to godliness in my book, but I’m not Cinderella. It would be great if I didn’t feel like I had to vacuum each night in order to have floors I could walk barefoot on!

Well Roomba is my saving grace. With two dirt loving dogs and a 1year old all under the same roof there’s always an abundance of dirt on my floors. Do I have to clean it up each night when I get home from work, nope. Roomba is hands down my go to and I couldn’t be more impressed with its dirt sucking power.

A vacuum that you don’t have to push around could it get any better? Hold onto your caps, it sure can get better! The iRobot app lets you turn on your Roomba from anywhere!! Yep, that means at the end of the night when everyone and every dog is asleep I can run the Roomba without even getting out of bed. A friend dropping by after work, no prob with the touch of a finger open the app and run your Roomba from wherever you happen to be.

To sum it up, my robot Cinderella doesn’t wear shoes but it sure does a great job of cleaning up after all the dirty shoes!


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