Serene Slumber

Sleep, what’s that? Is that the uninterrupted rest that parents hear about but can’t actually remember experiencing?

“Sleep when your baby sleeps”, yea well when it’s broad daylight out and your kid is sound asleep and no matter how blackout your shades are you still focus on the sliver of light creeping through, sleep is not happening.

That is unless you’ve found the perfect spot with the most perfect 3D face mask ever created! Glad you asked, a 3D face mask is a magical face mask that actually has dimensions to form over your eyes not just one surface laying flat against your face.

In broad daylight in the middle of commotion I rested peacefully in a dark serene slumber all thanks to my 3D face mask sold by Tker…. well that is until my boss had the audacity to wake me up. Apparently my desk in the middle of a work day doesn’t strike him as appropriate. Go figure. Needless to say I’ll be improving my sleep with my 3D face mask on a regular basis!


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