New England Aquarium

The New England Aquarium is located in Boston Massachusetts. I first went there as a child with school and my family back in the early 90’s.I recently when back in April. Oh my did the memories of joy come flooding back.I was awestruck with all the fish and different ocean creatures they have; the seals on the outside entrances to the penguins when you enter the double doors. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. I was fortunate to have to ability to see the penguins start there molting of feathers which was really neat. I did not know that some penguins molt twice a year or even at all. The stingrays were awesome to watch swim and it was also feeding time when I was there. As I started up the ramp to the top of the aquarium I got to see so many fish some were small while other were big. The color of the fishes were drastic some were camouflage where others were so bright I could sport them from 3 floors down.

Off the ramps were different exhibits such as a starfish and lobster exhibit which brings me back to my childhood, where we used to go lobstering and hunt for starfish off the New England coast. I got to experience the jellyfish and seahorses with clams and muscles in the same tank. I even got to see a water snake that give me goosebumps. The the thing that caught my eye the most was how big the sea turtles are.

The aquarium also instilled how important it is to keep the oceans clean.

When you visit the New England Aquarium don’t forget to do your part and please make a donation or better yet buy a membership!


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