Patriots day Boston

Patriots day is a Massachusetts holiday where they celebrate the start of the revolutionary war on for the history buffs emancipation day. If you can get up early you will be able to see re-enactments of the war in Lexington and Paul Revere ride and learn about local history.

For those sport fan patriots day is also known as marathon Monday where the Boston athletics association has eyes on the Boston marathon every year this is the running world will come to Boston weather you qualify to run or your are a spectator you will see people from around the world trying to win the Boston marathon. I would like to congratulate the winner of this years race. The Boston marathon is a 26 mile race that starts in Hopkins Massachusetts and ends at Copley Square in Boston.

Men’s wheelchair

  1. Daniel Romanchuk: 1:21:36
  2. Masazumi Soejima: 1:24:30
  3. Marcel Hug: 1:26:42
  4. Aaron Pike: 1:27:09
  5. Ernst van Dyk: 1:27:23

Women’s wheelchair

  1. Manuela Schár: 1:34:19
  2. Tatyana McFadden: 1:41:35
  3. Madison de Rozario: 1:41:36
  4. Eliza Ault-Connell: 1:41:46
  5. Susannah Scaroni: 1:42:34

Women’s race

  1. Worknesh Degefa: 2:23:31
  2. Edna Kiplagat: 2:24:13
  3. Jordan Hasay: 2:25:20
  4. Meskerem Assefa: 2:25:40
  5. Des Linden: 2:27:00

Men’s race

  1. Lawrence Cherono: 2:07:57
  2. Lelisa Desisa Benti: 2:07:59
  3. Kenneth Kipkemoi: 2:08:07
  4. Felix Kandie: 2:08:54
  5. Geoffrey Kirui: 2:08:55

Congratulations to all the runners who ran the Boston marathon in 2019.


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