About Stitt Marketing LLC


Hi my name is Robert Stitt and I am the founder of Stitt Marketing, a family run marketing company that reviews and promotes quality items used by family members.

I am passionate about bringing the best items to the eyes of social media in order to enhance the visibility to those searching for the best products. I review products in a broad spectrum from children’s items, family friendly vacations, to everyday items like coolers. Stitt Marketing caters to a wide variety of companies and a broad spectrum of products in order to give you the information you want about those items before you purchase them.

In todays society there are so many different spaces to advertise products; from print, to television, to web based content and Stitt Marketing is driven to give you honest reviews through a social media outlet, so you know exactly what you’re getting before you purchase the product.

Stitt Marketing realizes products are influenced by market trends so that we can keep up to date with the latest products in order to provide our consumers with the very best content. Stitt Marketing also aims to increase your social media presence through the use of a multitude of platforms. Content creation is also a big part of what we do in order to enhance your company’s presence.

We aim to create diversity in our content creation and reviews in order to satisfy the needs of not only consumers but also other followers. We also work in collaboration with other up and coming marketing teams in order to deliver the best product possible to our audience.